You have a right to use this website only if you agree to the terms of service:
The main provisions are:
1. The owner and the administrator of the online job advertisement website is PLLC „Karjeros partneriai“, company‘s registration key: 304219425, the address: 20 Viršupio sodų 15-oji street, 8 LT-10230, Vilnius, e-mail:
2. The terms of service and the responsibilities apply to the PLLC „Karjeros partneriai“ and to all the website users.
3. The PLLC „Karjeros partneriai“ has a right to change and correct these terms of service.
4. The PLLC „Karjeros partneriai“ enables the users to benefit from the online environment, i.e., from the website, in which the information about the vacancies, job seekers and other job-related information is provided.
5. Employment contracts between employees and employers are signed without interference of the PLLC „Karjeros partneriai“. The users themselves who have signed the contract are responsible for their execution.
6. The PLLC „Karjeros partneriai“ is not responsible for the veracity, accuracy and comprehensiveness of the information that is submitted on the website
7. The PLLC „Karjeros partneriai“ has a right to use and publish all the website‘s information on the internet, as well as in the online environment, media, advertisements, during the events and elsewhere, while not violating the law of Protection of personal data.
8. Users' job advertisements are able to be seen on the internet, including the results of the Search Systems.
9. Any time The PLLC „Karjeros partneriai“ can at its discretion add, extract or change the information, submitted on the website and change the content or the structure of it.
10. User has a right to indicate his personal data and adjust it as well as to demand all his personal data to be removed from the system and his registration to be eliminated. For this purpose, the user should e-mail a request to eliminate his registration to
11. The terms of service go into effect as soon as the user confirms them and are valid until the end of collaboration of the user and the PLLC „Karjeros partneriai“.
12. The job advertisement website does not ensure that after submitting one's information any employer or a job seeker will contact him. The website does not ensure that one will find a job or an employee.
13. Question, arisen between a user and the PLLC „Karjeros partneriai“, is negotiated. If this way agreement is not reached, a problem is solved according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
For job seekers
By signing in the website, a job seeker agrees and confirms, that:
1. He submits his personal data on the job advertisement website in order to receive job offers.
2. Personal data will not be exposed to other job avertisement website's clients who are employing. It will be exposed only to the relevant employers.
3. Job seeker is forbidden to appropriate other person's identity, by submitting the wrong name, surname and (or) other data, i.e., to pretend to be other person or to falsely claim to be related with other persons.
4. Job seeker is forbidden to have more than one account on the website, except for the cases when the previous data is eliminated from the website
5. Job seeker has an opportunity to edit, supplement or delete his personal data, as well as to render it inaccessible to any employers, by selecting a particular CV status.
6. In order to submit only correct and precise information, before submitting it to the employers, I agree my data to be verified by the administrating workers of the
7. The PLLC „Karjeros partneriai“ and the website have a right to accumulate, save, edit, administer and hand over the submitted data and to use it according to the employers' needs, related with employment.
8. The PLLC „Karjeros partneriai“ and the website administrators have a right to delete the data that does not comply with the truth and is not properly filled out, as well as to delete a CV due to user's inappropriate actions in respect of employers, the system or service-related parts, due to which the mentioned parts can experience a moral or material damage.
9. Job seeker takes full responsibility for submitted data, which has to comply with the truth and agrees to be responsible for damage and loss, that can be caused by submitting a false information.
10. Job seeker understands and agrees to the fact that the PLLC „Karjeros partneriai“ and the website do nottake responsibility for the damage that can be caused due tooffers, promises and other employment-related actions done by the registrated and employing companies.
11. Job seeker understands that the PLLC „Karjeros partneriai“ and the website administration does not commit to give him a position, as the job offers are submitted on the website by the third parties, i.e., the website service using employers and the the personnel search and the selection brokerage companies.
To direct employers and workers search and selection companies
A direct employing company or employee search and selection mediation services providing company (later – company) agrees and confirms that:
1. A person, who registrates a company on a job advertisement website, confirms, that holds a power of attorney to represent the company and agrees to these registration conditions and terms of service.
2. Confirms, that the data, submitted in the registration form, is correct.
3. Registrated company becomes a manager of its login into a website data (e-mail and password). A company ensures the safety of login data and takes full responsibility for the actions, made on its behalf.
4. Company is prohibited to appropriate the data of other company's identity, by indicating name, company code and (or) other data, i.e., to impersonate another subject or in some other way falsely claim to be related with any other persons or subjects, except for the cases, when job advertisements according to the contract are put under the PLLC „Karjeros partneriai“ behalf.
5. Company can possess more than one account on the website with different users' login data. A company that wants to create another account has to inform the administration of In all the cases, a company is jointly invoiced for the services provided.
6. Job advertisements submitting company commits to provide the candidates with the correct information about the offered position, including the information about the company's activity, position's work content and requirements for the candidates, offers and contact information.
7. It is prohibited in the advertisements to prefer someone on basis of various discrimination (of gender, rase, nationality, language, origin, social standing, religion, beliefs or attitude, age, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity), indicated in a Law of Equal Opportunities, therefore it is necessary to properly adjust the advertisements before submitting them. Persons, admistrating the job advertisement website, are able at their discretion to adjust or remove this kind of job advertisements without a warning.
8. It is prohibited to publish job advertisements that are against the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, as well as the advertisements of erotic nature or in any other way contradicting to the established moral norms. Persons, admistrating the job advertisement website, are able at their discretion to adjust or remove this kind of job advertisements without a warning. 
9. Only one job advertisement is allowed to be published for one particular job position. If two or more similar job advertisements are published, the job descriptions should reflect that these job positions are different from one another; if the same job position is offered in different cities, for each city a seperate job advetisement should be published. In an advertisement there should be indicated only the city where job position is offered.
10. It is prohibited to indicate any other type of candidacy other than job advertisement system. It is prohibited to indicate the contact data in the text boxes for other purpose. The candidacy proceeds by pressing the „Send CV“ button, appearing at the bottom of every advertisement.
11. Only companies, on the purpose of employees search carrying out search and selection for their braches and personnels, can use the job advertisement website's services.
12. Companies, providing personnel search and selection services, take full responsibility for their published advertisements, their content and the clients, which they represent. These clients directly with personnel search and selection company, with which they have signed the service provision contracts, solve the issues related to services. The adminsitration of, in its turn, commits to refrain from negotiating with these clients.
13. It is prohibited to provide the information about the candidates to third persons without a permission of the adminsitration of he PLLC „Karjeros partneriai“ and the website, if it is not required y the law.
14. Company ( website's user) must use the received candidate's personal data only according to the law of the Republic of Lithuania, exclusively only for the employing porposes.
15. Company commits to repay for the damage, that would be caused by the company's representative and experienced by or its users.
16. Company commits not to use any automated tools, including, but not restricting, additional computer equipment and/or a software in order to review and/or save data.
17. After buying the 30-day lasting advertisement publishing service, it is allowed to publish unlimited job advertisements number.
18. If a long-term contract of a job advertisement publishing in a website service is signed, it is followed by the conditions set out in the contract and by the payment of the service fee.
19. Company that publishes advertisements on the website commits to pay the fee for the real number of received CVs for one job advertisement, if only one advertisement has been added in 30-day period or for real number of received CVs for all the job advertisements, if more than one job advertisement has been added in 30-day period.
20. 30-day period is started to count from the day of activating it, if only one advertisement is being added.
21. In case of publishing more than one job advertisement in 30-day period, the period is started to count from the day of activating the first advertisement. After the 30-day period has ended, all the CVs, received for all the advertisements during this period, are counted and a bill is prescribed. Later the published advertisements remain valid for the chosen period and after it is over, the bill is prescribed according to real number of received CVs.
22. After the 30-day period is over, the company commits to pay the received bill in 10 calendar days starting from the day when the bill is received.
23. Company has a right any time to suspend validity of the advertisement(-s). The bill will be prescribed according to the real number of received CVs starting from the beginning of advertisement validity until the date of suspension.
24. Company has a right to choose a shorter period than 30-day advertisement's validity. In this case, the payment is counted according to the real number of the received CVs.
25. Company has a right to extend the period of the validity of expired advertisement for up to 30days. The paymeny for the service is started to counted as if it was a new advertisement.
26. Company has a right for unlimited number of times to bring the advertisement up to the top of the advertisements' list while it is valid.
27. All the parties are exempted from liabilities for a partial or full default if it is caused by unforeseen circumstances. Unforeseen circumstances are events that are not controlled by the parties and cannot be foreseen when starting to co-operate, such as: technical failures, natural disasters, inundations, fires, earthquakes and other disasters, as well as war, other military actions, strikes. After the unforeseen circumstances have ocurred, the implementation of the commitments is extended according to the period while these circumstances happen. The party that because of the unforeseen circumstances does not manage to fulfill its obligations must inform another party about it in writing. After the unforeseen circumstances occur, the parties must put all the possible effort to prevent from happening all the losses, that can be experienced in the commitment fulfilling regard.